What is it about Holly Springs that might be attractive to a home buyer rather than one of the larger cities in the Research Triangle and Raleigh area of North Carolina? Well, for one thing, Raleigh can be crowded for some people. At a quarter million, its population is 10 times that of a place like Holly Springs.

a church building near Holly Springs

Actually Holly Springs is one of the best places to live in the country. Lots of people are trying to move there so competition for housing is just as intense as it is all over the Raleigh Durham area of North Carolina. Now is population has grown to 30,000 since the 2010 census. Lots of things in Holly Springs are new. This includes a semi pro baseball facility and it’s shopping and dining downtown and many of its homes are new or very recently built. On top of that, Holly Springs is a safe place to live with many communities that have not only no crime rates but excellent schools. All this is an a very affordable rate compared to higher density urban areas. For many, what it means to move to Holly Springs is nothing less than a move to the best place they’ve ever lived.

What does a home cost in Holly Springs anyway? Well, right now they are kind of high. Competition has driven prices up everywhere in this market area overall. The median home price right now is $393,000 according to realtor.com. This of course means that you can find plenty of homes less expensive as well as more expensive. Prices have risen up to 9% over the last year. You’re going to want to get help from a very competent realtor before setting out to acquire a home in this market.